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Paid Internship Program & Free Workshops

Ages 18 – 25 Years

BAYCAT Internships provide technical training for aspiring media producers and an opportunity to work with BAYCAT STUDIO to gain hands-on experience in the digital media industry.

You LOVE watching movies, listening to music, but more than that, you find yourself immersed in digital media: analyzing frames, scenes, lighting, the pacing, or the swell of the music. Perhaps you’re someone who pays attention to details in everything that you do, and you LOVE to motivate people to make things happen. Perhaps you doodle, draw, see how words and images move where ever you go. The BAYCAT Internship Program is for those who LOVE digital media and who DREAM about working in this field.

What’s stopping you?  Your education or lack of?  Your lack of experience? Your family?  Your need to make money?  Yourself?

If you are REALLY want to be in this field, but are afraid to take that first step, BAYCAT’s Internship Program will get you from no or minimum experience to real client experiences. Your DREAM of working in this field will be a reality.  It is for our graduates.

FREE Young Adult Workshops at BAYCAT!

Before applying for our internship we strongly recommend participating in one of our workshops. If you are between the ages of 18-25, sign-up for our FREE Young Adult Digital Media Workshops in:

Media Career Planning

This is a great opportunity to get to know the Bay Area media industry and gain the tools to meet your career goals.


Get exposed to the world of pre-planning, concept development, scheduling and all that goes into preparing for video productions. Learn everything that a professional production studio does to turn a creative concept into content.


Filmmaking with DSLR Cameras

Learn basic video and filmmaking skills using the latest DSLR cameras that the pros use.  Learn the lingo used on a set and in describing your vision for your film.

Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Editors like to say that movies are really made in the editing room.  Learn the power of telling story by using Premiere, one of the most popular video editing tools.

From Education to Employment


Employed within 6 months


Gained experience with real clients


Graduated with a resume, reel, website and LinkedIn connections

Employed by Great Organizations

“It’s been a great partnership between BAYCAT and the Giants. With wonderful, dedicated and hard-working interns to be involved with SFG productions, it only makes our department stronger.”

Blake Wilberding
Blake WilberdingVideo Editor/ Producer, SF Giants Productions

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