• Whether you are an individual,
    a small organization or a big corporation,
    there are ways you can help us in
    ending inequality and racism through visual storytelling.

    here’s how.


Enable 100’s of young storytellers by supporting our free Academy classes and paid Studio Internships for low-income youth, young women and young creatives of color! At BAYCAT we believe in the power of storytelling through digital media arts and tech as the best way to inspire our youth to find their creative passions and build equity in our communities. We know that our programming works because 100% of youth who have taken more than two BAYCAT Academy classes stay in school. 80% of our Studio Interns go on to be hired by amazing companies like Lucasfilm, SF Giants, Autodesk, WIRED, HBO, Hulu, Netflix and Pixar. BAYCAT has educated more than 4,000 low income kids, youth of color and young women and launched the careers of 200 young adults. Your gift will give our students the ability to tell their own stories. Listen to them. Watch them grow. Donate.

Your new storytellers are here.

For 13 years, BAYCAT has been a platform for stories untold. We believe a better world starts with better ways of seeing each other. BAYCAT is changing not only the stories that get told, but the storytellers who get to tell them, by tackling the lack of diversity in media. 


Do you stay up at night dreaming of ways to change the world?

Are you creative? Have analytical smarts? Know how to rally your network?

BAYCAT is enjoying a breakthrough moment. Entering into our 15th year, we just completed a Hewlett and Bloomberg funded strategic planning process to capitalize on our successes and chart how we will deepen our impact even further. We are launching BAYCAT Builders a council to help us advance key strategic goals. We are looking for senior and rising professionals to join. Send us an email if you are interested.


Help guide BAYCAT initiatives with your experience and talent; become a BAYCATeer! We are always interested in finding volunteers to help support our programs.

If you’re interested please let us know how you’d like to get involved!

Click the button below and  fill in the form, checking all the areas that apply.

Eric Pearson, Chairman of the Board, sharing his experience of being a BAYCATeer.



Ask friends to support a great cause — request donations to BAYCAT in your honor.

Start a birthday or a special occasion fundraiser today. Feel free to contact us for ideas!



We teach young adults how to become great visual storytellers. We help them moving from education to employment in digital media. From an impossible dream to a concrete job.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill free to contact us clicking the button below.

Iman Rodney,  one of our graduates, share his experience of working for the SF Giants Productions team.

Become a CLonor

We are changing the way philanthropy is done in the 21st Century: from begging to self-sustaining. That’s why the core of our campaign will be about reaching “CLonors”.
Clients + Donors = CLonors.

In-kind Donations

Give us your Products, Services or Expertise.

Share, teach, donate what you do best, or perhaps you are revamping your office and have excellent Mac laptops, monitors or stations.  BAYCAT will be happy to acknowledge the value of your in-kind donations.

Sponsor a World-Premiere

A World-Premiere transforms a life forever.

Each year, BAYCAT hosts 4 Open House World-Premiere Screenings, where our young media producers showcase their work to a live audience of 150-200 community members, families, and partners.

Sponsor these transformations. Learn More.

Throw Us a Party with Purpose

Hold a monthly brown bag lunch?  Quarterly all-team meeting? Guest speaker series? An annual fundraiser for a community cause?

Include us on the agenda, and make your event have more purpose.  Invite our CEO, or one of youth, or one of your BAYCAT supporters to share meaningful media and stories to inspire your organization to do well and do good.

Please contact us to learn more about these opportunities and for more sponsorship programs ideas. Thanks!

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