Undivided Love: Special Edition!

Tiffany J. put in a few extra hours outside of designing video games with the rest of the Flash Revolution class to put some finishing touches (like color and a spiffed-up soundtrack) on her animated masterpiece from last Fall, "Undivided Love." Show your support by rating it on YouTube and look for it soon at a film festival near you!

[UPDATE: "Undivided Love" has been selected for the official lineup at the Project YouthView Film Festival in Alameda! More information on our News Page.]

Zoom In #13: Teen Relationships

Finally online: the thirteenth episode of "Zoom In" featuring the combined work of the T.V. Production and Animation classes! Enjoy!

Spooneo & Forkiette

Animation Student Courtney brings us a moving story about forbidden love and cutlery.

The Dating Game

Animation Student David B’s story about romance at the arcade. 


Ian W. brings us an animated showdown of female rivalry.

Undivided Love

Animator Tiffany J. brings us a relationship story with an unusual twist.


Johnny Corleto’s cautionary tale about the dangerous allure of those telephone hotlines you see advertised on late night TV