Pixar Animation Studios gate

Yesterday the students and staff of BAYCAT went on the field trip of a lifetime at the world’s most prestigious animation studio. It was an incredibly awesome experience all around, from the life-sized models of Pixar characters in the lobby to the wacky, custom-built office spaces used by the animators. Other highlights included private screenings of behind-the-scenes documentaries, a tour through the process of character and story development, and a peek at the "Render Farm" where a huge network of computers runs 24/7 to create cinematic gold one frame at a time.

Plus, free sodas!

BAYCAT students visiting Pixar

Zoom In #15: Youth Marketing

Created entirely by the students of the 2009 Summer Media Camp, this full episode focuses on Youth Marketing. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Unlucky Charms

David B., Earl H. and Juan C. created this short film about a "Tragically Delicious" breakfast cereal.

Scratchers Shoes

The fashion statement of the season will light up your life. By Daisy C., Devynn R. and Richard M.

Chia Monster

It’s fun! It’s easy! It’s the latest product from Chia Pet! By Courtney H., Elijah H., Marco A. and Mark V.

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun 2009

 On Thursday the Summer Media Camp took a break from production day of fun and sunshine in Dolores Park. There was snacking, football, a three-legged race and a water balloon toss, which quickly became a water balloon fight. Good times, good times.

Crunch Time!

We’ve bonded as a team. We’ve gone through the exercises. We’ve mastered the software, written the skits, read the research and characterized the characters. Now it’s GO TIME- with less than two weeks left to create the latest episode of "Zoom In," our students are working hard to put together their film and animation segments. Stay tuned for the premiere at our open house on August 20th!

 BAYCAT Students working on stop-motion animation project.

Talk the Talk 2009

The animation crew has perfected the illusion of speech through lip-sync. Behold these classic movie lines, spoken from the lips of some kind of cycloptic Flash character that I put into a template file.

Walk the Walk 2009

24 Frames of some pretty slick moves.

Script to Storyboard Exercise, July 2009

The students at BAYCAT’s Summer Media Camp were given one page of the script for the film "WALL•E" and 30 minutes to create a working storyboard for
the scene. Afterward the students’ drawings were synced up with footage from the final film
to see how closely the two matched.

Can you tell which parts were made by our kids and which were the work of Pixar professionals? Neither can I!