A Bug’s Death

Proof that creating an animated short from a hand-drawn storyboard is so simple, even your instructor can do it!

Script-to-Storyboard Exercise, 10/14/10

The latest and greatest in quality animatics, edited together from the storyboard images that BAYCAT students created based on an excerpt of the screenplay from Pixar’s "Up." Animation students had 15-20 minutes to read the screenplay and illustrate it accordingly. I can hardly tell the difference between this and the final film!


Music Video in Progress: “Crazy As”

For the last several weeks BAYCAT Animator Tiffany Jones has been working on a music video adaptation for the song “Crazy As” by Julandrew. Here’s a sneak peek of a project that should blow your socks off in Spring 2010.

Script to Storyboard Exercise, July 2009

The students at BAYCAT’s Summer Media Camp were given one page of the script for the film "WALL•E" and 30 minutes to create a working storyboard for
the scene. Afterward the students’ drawings were synced up with footage from the final film
to see how closely the two matched.

Can you tell which parts were made by our kids and which were the work of Pixar professionals? Neither can I!

Script to Storyboard Exercise

Yesterday the TV Production and Animation classes worked together to create an illustrated storyboard sequene from one page of script from the Pixar film "Ratatouille," then watched the same scene from the film for comparison. Below is that storyboard sequence synched to the soundtrack of the real movie.