Zoom In #19: Legacy

Congrats to this fall’s cohort of Youth Media Producers! Students premiered the latest Zoom In episode at our winter Open House last Thursday. The Animation, Film Production and Beats ‘N Rhymes audio class worked on pieces that reflected their personal vision for the theme “Legacy”.

Watch “Zoom In: Legacy”:

Zoom In #19: Legacy

The History of Snacktime (Opening Sequence for Zoom In 19: Legacy)

A bit of historical perspective from animation student Andre Grafilo.

Attack of the Giant Jellyfish

A cautionary tale from Animation student Ruben Villasenor Woodard.

Space Junk Jam

Octopodes really know how to party! From Animation student Arshad Muhammad.

The Legacy of Non-Verbal Communication

Texting is older than a lot of people think! By Animation student William Thomas.

Two Egyptian Legacies

Animation student Lamar Turner has a nose for history.

First Contact

What secrets do alien worlds hold for us? By Animation student Connor Maltby.

The Legacy of Achilles

Animation student Neil Putzer tells the story of the legendary Greek warrior.

The Hunter and the Horns

Poach dragon parts at your own risk! By Animation student Sterling Weickum.