“Somos Familia” Screening at Frameline Film Festival

frameline“Somos Familia”, a series of three shorts featuring Latina Moms talking about their kids coming out to them, filmed in Spanish and subtitled in English, will appear at Frameline this June in San Francisco. The series was produced by Studio BAYCAT.

The Frameline film festival has showcased LGBT media since 1977 and will be taking place from June 16-26, 2011. Learn more at http://www.frameline.org/

Interview with Villy Wang in SF Examiner

A great interview on the issue of “Cause Marketing” with BAYCAT CEO Villy Wang by Bruce Burtch in the Examiner:

Villy WangBB: Do you feel that in nonprofit/for-profit relationhips, what goes around comes around?

VW: Yes. It’s not just in my life, it’s the life of the whole entire team and who we serve, and if corporations don’t understand that, then they are missing a soul someplace. They’re missing that our viability and the viability of the communities we serve is ultimately going to affect them, especially in this kind of environment in San Francisco where the nonprofit business world is giant. We are an ample part of the economy. People from the nonprofit point of view should also articulate that and really argue this as a business argument.  Look at us as business partners not as a charity, our viability is just as important as yours.  I feel if we could really make that point, businesses will take us more seriously as well.

Studio BAYCAT creates mural for Ebony Beauty Supply

Next time you drive by Third & Palou be sure to stop by Ebony Beauty Supply to check out the mural designed by none other than BAYCAT alum Tiffany Jones. The mural was installed by Tiffany, BAYCAT Art Director Tim Harrington and local artist Christy Majano.