BAYCAT Golden State Warriors

Going Beyond Black History

BAYCAT is proud to take a bold stand on racial issues, especially in our 15th year of operation. BAYCAT Studio partnered with the Golden State Warriors to ditch your average run-of-the-mill Black History Month campaign. Instead we’re taking a deep dive into nuanced conversations around black culture and what resilience looks like in 2019.

BLACK AS WE ARE” is not just about celebrating Black leaders of the past, but honoring what the Black experience feels like, right here, right now. These are conversation starters, so please share them with someone in your life!

Warriors players Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston discuss social media platforms and the responsibility that comes with being a professional athlete:

Black Panther Ericka Huggins explores the cultural and political climate in the Black community:

Writer Pendarvis Harshaw defines Black culture and its influence on American culture:

BAYCAT STUDIO is the go-to professional media production company for socially conscious clients who want high quality video production and branding services in the Bay Area. More than half of our Studio team are diverse graduates of BAYCAT’s Young Adult Internship Program. Learn more about BAYCAT Studio here.

Urban Youth Discover Nature in Their Own City

Workshop Part of 100 Years of Arts in the Parks

Working with the U.S. National Park Service and the Crissy Field Center’s Urban Trail Blazers program, BAYCAT helped youth connect to nature in their own back yard, with the opportunity to be inspired to create artwork from it in an outdoor photography workshop, learning to use DSLR cameras.

Woodline 1The workshop was created with BAYCAT STUDIO so that we could also document the youths’ experience at the Woodline in the Presidio for the U.S. National Park Service video series that we’re creating to celebrate 100 years of arts in the parks. BAYCAT wants to encourage other urban youth and families to get out and explore the wonders of their parks, as well as to create their own art in them.

Students were able to learn digital photography techniques, including lessons on understanding perspective, and how to photograph a subject. Here are some of our favorite shots. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to seek out some of the beautiful sights just outside our doors.

Thank you to the Urban Trail Blazers team, and our BAYCAT student volunteers who helped us teach other youth during the workshop.

Perspective Photography

Perspective - Photo by Moona

Perspective – Photo by Moona


Perspective – Photo by Stephanie

Perspective - Photo by Chastity

Perspective – Photo by Chastity

Perspective - Photo by Samaa

Perspective – Photo by Samaa

Perspective - Photo by Nickie

Perspective – Photo by Nickie

Perspective - Photo by James

Perspective – Photo by James

Perspective - Photo by Dylan

Perspective – Photo by Dylan

Perspective - Photo by Noah

Perspective – Photo by Noah

Perspective - Photo by Amy

Perspective – Photo by Amy

Perspective - Photo by Matthew

Perspective – Photo by Matthew

Subject Photography

Subject Photography - Photo by Chastity

Subject Photography – Photo by Chastity

Subject Photography - Photo by James

Subject Photography – Photo by James

Subject Photography - Photo by Amy

Subject Photography – Photo by Amy

Subject Photography - Photo by Dylan

Subject Photography – Photo by Dylan

Subject Photography - Photo by Nickie

Subject Photography – Photo by Nickie

Subject Photography - Photo by Samaa

Subject Photography – Photo by Samaa

Subject Photography - Photo by Moona

Subject Photography – Photo by Moona

Subject Photography – Photo by Matthew

New Zeal To Our Updated STUDIO Reel

We’ve updated our BAYCAT STUDIO reel to include some of our awesome new clients in 2014. Check out the diversity of people with whom we get the pleasure to capture, from our youth, community to notables like Mayor Willie Brown and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Olympic Champion Kristi Yamaguchi, and Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria.

From social media billboard campaigns, to promotional videos, websites, graphic design and music videos, BAYCAT does it all. Take a peek at our 2015 BAYCAT STUDIO Reel!

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BAYCAT’s on a Roll: Official Selections & Motion Graphics Workshop at the BAYMN Film Fest!

BAYCAT Academy’s Youth Media Producers have gotten yet another two films officially selected for festival showcasing! On the heels of Alia’s success with her moving autobiographical short, The Beach: My Diary, both Ginger Chen’s The Perfect Mayor and Amaya Thomas and Demaire Hughes’ History of the Dogpatch have been chosen amongst films from across the globe to be featured at this year’s Bay Area Youth Media Network (BAYMN) Film Festival.

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BAYCAT Academy’s Fall 2013 Youth Media Producers imagine the perfect San Francisco mayor.

The Perfect Mayor, a collaborative piece created by writer-director Ginger Chen, cinematographer AJ Martin, art directors Stella Gutierrez and Miguel Rivera, and editor/star Maceo “Moony” Mayorga, is a fun exploration of who the perfect San Francisco mayor would be, if he or she could embody every ideal of his constituents. He speaks Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, and Samoan! He represents districts from the Haight to the Sunset! He’s gender-fluid and he supports nonprofit organizations! He maybe twerks!

BAYCAT, BAYCAT Academy, youth media, San Francisco, education, Bayview Hunters Point, Dogpatch, film festival, BAYMN Film Festival, Bay Area Youth Media Network, butcher, meat, dogs, imagination, alternative history, creativity, animation

BAYCAT Academy’s Fall 2013 Youth Media Producers invent an alternative history for the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.



Miguel Rivera also narrates BAYCAT’s second officially selected film, the Amaya Thomas and Demaire Hughes animated short, History of the Dogpatch. The young storytellers imagine an alternative history of the Bay Area’s Dogpatch neighborhood, when butchers ran meat banks and lawbreaking pups kept eating their currency.

The BAYMN Festival will be screening these shorts on Saturday, October 18th at 2:30pm at the San Francisco Public Library.

In addition, every year the BAYMN Film Fest offers workshops to empower youth communities to create media that inspires social change. This year, BAYCAT’s resident filmmaking teacher, Zara Ahmed, will be giving a free motion graphics workshop this Saturday, October 18, from 12 to 2pm at the SF Public Library.  


Want to check out more of our festival-selected films? Head over to our BAYCAT YouTube page!


Interns Create Promo Video for TechSF

TECHSF promotional video created by BAYCAT Pathways Intern Jessica Liu.

LGBTQ Youth Educational Video

BAYCAT is proud to be part of an important new video project that will be used to train service providers in San Francisco to be better equipped to work with LGBTQ youth.

Production of our video is this Saturday, April 14th and Sunday, April 15th! We will be shooting at the BAYCAT offices (2415 Third Street, Suite #230, SF) from 11am-5pm both days. We will have pizza, soda and snacks on hand, and transportation money will be available. There will also be computer stations set up for people to use if they want.

We will be bringing people into our interview booths to be asked to talk a bit on camera about their personal experiences, saying a bit of scripted text, or both. People will have the option to remain anonymous on video, though the more people we can show the stronger the pieces will be.

We are asking for LGBTQ identified youth, the parents of and service providers, to please let us know a two hour time frame that they can commit to coming by to take part and help us out in this important video!

Further questions can be directed to Ariel Dovas at

To register your involvement, please contact us at

Thanks for helping to spread the word!

BAYCAT Wins 2011 Vineyard Award on National Philanthropy Day

With over 700 people in attendance, BAYCAT was the proud recipient of the 2011 Vineyard award that recognizes a “visionary group that, through passionate staff commitment and the innovative use of volunteers and/or community partnerships, is an inspirational model for other nonprofits, philanthropic organizations and individuals.”

I always like to say, “if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the entire City to raise a nonprofit, and there are many many stakeholders and supporters who have helped BAYCAT be where it is today.”  We accepted the award on behalf of our students, families, incredible team, Board and supporters who have helped us from our humble beginnings.  I also dedicated and gave the award to Jose Alfaro, BAYCAT’s Production Manager.  Jose embodies our mission by being a successful intern graduate who is now part of BAYCAT’s permanent team.  He’s the first to graduate from college in his family, and has been a mentor, instructor and role model to other youth media producers at BAYCAT.

In addition to joining an impressive group of philanthropists, fundraisers and organizations who are leaders in philanthropy like Dr. Sandra Hernandez of The San Francisco Foundation, William Draper, George Zimmer of The Mens Warehouse, Shartis Friese LLP and Youth Philanthropist, Paddy OBrien, Studio BAYCAT had the opportunity to create the video vignettes of each of the awardees for the award ceremony.  Check out the videos we created:

More videos available in our Vimeo Album.

For more information about National Philanthropy Day, check out their website:


Universal Martial Arts Academy Gets a New Look!

As part of the City’s SF Shines Program that invests in small businesses and merchants located in the Bayview Hunters Point 3rd Street corridor, Studio BAYCAT had the pleasure of working with the Founder of Universal Martial Arts Academy, Inc. (UMAA), Professor James Hundon and his team, on designing a new brand for his martial arts studio and business.

Professor Hundon has been in the martial arts since 1967, is a Ju Trap Boxing master and in 2008, he was awarded the title of ‘Most Distinguished Master’ in the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  His expertise in the martial arts and defense training combined with his compassion to teach youth from our community make him a huge asset to the Bayview and San Francisco.

A peaceful and meditative haven on 3rd Street, check out UMAA’s new studio on 4348 3rd Street @ Kirkwood Street for classes in martial arts and yoga.  For more info:

Trivia:  Do you know what kind of snakes are pictured in the logo for UMAA?

Studio BAYCAT Supports The Golden Gate Parks Conservancy’s Launch of “Food For The Parks”

Studio BAYCAT had the opportunity to record many inspirational conversations and workshops presented by the Institute at the Golden Gate related to the national Food For the Parks initiative.  Watch this brief video that highlights interviews with Chef and Founder of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters, and Professional Marathon Swimmer Martin Strel, who talk about how the initiative aims to expand the availability of nutritious, local, and sustainable fresh food to park visitors nationwide.

For more information, visit the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy’s site on “Food for the Parks”

BAYCAT-Created Campaign Mentioned in S.F. Chronicle

Where Harry got DirtyA few years ago the San Francisco Film Commission hired Studio BAYCAT to create a new campaign for the city’s rebate program. With a tight deadline and a modest budget, BAYCAT delivered a strong campaign that celebrates the city’s long history of playing home to some of cinema’s most fondly-remembered films. The campaign was a success, running in industry publications like The Hollywood Reporter and helping to lure production companies back to one of the most scenic filming locations in the country.

Turns out that at least one of the pieces we designed for that campaign (pictured) is still in use, as described in this story in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Where Harry Got Dirty.” That’s what it says on the black-and-white postcards that San Francisco Film Commission Executive Director Susannah Greason Robbins has been handing out to producers around the country to promote Scene in San Francisco, a rebate program aimed at luring filmmakers back to the city that gave us “Vertigo,” “Bullitt” and Clint Eastwood’s classic vigilante cop flick.

Read the full article at S.F. Gate.