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A Giant Exclusive this #OrangeOctober: BAYCAT Intern Grads Turned SFG Productions Interns! A Win-Win Combo!

We’re pumped about Orange October. You too? We thought so!

BAYCAT, BAYCAT Academy, education, youth media, san francisco, bayview hunters point, SF Giants, SFG Productions, AT&T Park, OrangeOctober, OrangeTogether, nonprofit, social enterprise, production studio

BAYCAT grad Iman Rodney gets interviewed at AT&T Park. To learn more about Iman, check out hist story

As the Giants advance on to play for yet another National League Championship Series, we at BAYCAT want to celebrate a few of our Pathways Intern graduates who are advancing their careers in the media industry – with San Francisco Giants Productions! Introducing: Pathways Grads-to-Productions Interns Latiece Brown, Tyre Brown, and Iman Rodney…

Before getting their start with the Giants, Latiece, Tyre, and Iman honed their craft first at BAYCAT Academy and then as 2013 BAYCAT Pathways Interns. While here, the Pathways Intern grads prepared to make their mark on the media production industry, developing their artistic expertise in scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, and more. They created award-winning documentaries, helped share stories of positive community change, produced promotional videos for local small businesses, and even worked on productions for HBO and the Food Network. Now equipped with the fundamental tools they need to begin their professional careers in the media field, these talented BAYCAT grads have moved onto to the AT&T Field, and are continuing to contribute their unique skills and creative ingenuities towards telling stories that inspire, entertain, and unite. As Blake Wilberding, Video Editor/Producer at SF Giants Productions, shares:

BAYCAT, BAYCAT Academy, education, youth media, san francisco, bay view hunters point, SF Giants, SFG Productions, AT&T, filmmaking, OrangeOctober, OrangeTogether, nonprofit, social enterprise, production studio

BAYCAT grads Latiece and Tyre capture fan excitement outside AT&T Park just before Game 3 of the NLDS!

“It’s been a great partnership between BAYCAT and the Giants. With wonderful, dedicated and hard-working interns to be involved with SFG productions, it only makes our department stronger.”

If you are a want-to-be intern, or wish to learn more about our internship program, please visit our BAYCAT Academy page.

So as the SF Giants keep winning, so do our Intern Graduates at SFG Productions!  If you are working for a company that needs media or a fresh new marketing campaign, or perhaps you want to employ a media production intern of your own, contact us at  It’s a Win-Win formula!

BAYCAT Profiled in Metta Fund

Metta Fund is a private health foundation with a mission to improve health in the city and country of San Francisco. BAYCAT was recently interviewed and highlighed in the “Grantee Spotlight” section of their web site! See what BAYCAT CEO Villy Wang and Development Manager Brittany Janis had to say about what we do.

“Metta Fund gets the fact that the health and wellbeing of the community is more than just going to the doctor or having a clinic in the neighborhood.” —Villy Wang, President and CEO, BAYCAT

TechSF and BAYCAT on Buzzfeed

From a recent write-up on Buzzfeed:

BAYCAT interns from Buzzfeed ArticleSan Francisco is known as a high-tech city, but particularly in the low-income neighborhoods where computers and high-speed internet connections are scarce and many parents are immigrants, there isn’t the same pervasive online culture. “The digital divide has gotten worse because tech is that much more pervasive. Our young people aren’t programmed to do online searches or banking — all the little things people take for granted,” says Villy Wang of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts & Technology (BAYCAT), a job training and placement program for inner-city kids. “A lot of people think the hardware is the solution, but it’s whether they grow up with a tech culture.”

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“Inner Demons” Short

The BAYCAT team recently had a lot of fun creating this short film. Enjoy!

BAYCAT in HuffPo

Sarah Medina of the Huffington Post wrote a nice article about our ongoing campaign:

Zoom-In #24: Only in San Francisco.

The kid-produced and written video, filmed on a summer day in Dolores Park, showcases everything good about our fair city — despite the obstacles the local youths had to overcome to finally finish and release it.

The children are the product of The Bayview-Hunters Point Centers for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT), which provides a venue for underserved youths to create and showcase their work in digital arts.

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“Finding Your Voice” in the GAQ

From the LGBTQ-focused blog The Gang’s All Queer:

This is an awesome an inspiring project by the youth of San Francisco utilizing the program services that BAYCAT provide. I love watching even the youngest participants in the documentary talk about their pride in themselves and in family members in the LGBT community. Take a look. And while you’re at it, check out their “Show Must Go On” campaign to replace laptops stolen from this program.

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BAYCAT Academy was just featured on an episode of SFGovTV as part of BTOP, the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.

“San Francisco Love” Video in SFist

Andrew Dalton of SFist gave a nice little shout-out to one of the music videos to come out of our summer media camp.

BAYCAT in ChangeStream Media

Anna Zola Miller of Changestream Media did a nice little writeup of us today!

Like ChangeStream Media, BAYCAT believes in the power of digital media to document and raise awareness about important issues, and in helping people tell their stories in their own words. We at ChangeStream Media think that community nonprofit organizations like BAYCAT are an important source of digital media education not only because they help empower individuals, but also because they encourage those individuals to use digital media in future work for their communities.

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BAYCAT story update in SF Appeal

Crystal Sykes of the online newspaper SF Appeal recently wrote a wonderful write-up of our Summer Open House and ongoing campaign:

With tables full of snacks, walls crowded with inspirational graphics and the echoes of laugher and cheers all around, it was clear that the Creative Room of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts and Technology(BAYCAT) offices were overflowing with parents, friends and local community members to celebrate the work made by the local Bayview youth at the summer premiere of the newest installment of ‘Zoom-In’.The show, hosted by two BAYCAT Youth Media Producers, was filled with excitement and joy, a far departure from the heartache of having nearly $50,000 worth of equipment stolen from the non-profit’s office just two weeks prior.

“We had a rough summer,” says Brittany Janis, the organization’s development manager, to the audience. “But no matter how rough it got, BAYCAT overcame it.”

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