Bouncing Ball Exercise

That’s the way the ball bounces! The latest flash animation exercise from our 2009 Summer Media Camp.

Pixilmation Class at BAYCAT Summer Media Camp 2009

This animated video was created as an introduction to pixilation at the BAYCAt Summer Media Camp 2009.

Exercise is good for you!

For our first light table exercise the Summer 2009 Animation Class came up with a few "exercises" of their own. Work it, baby!

New BAYCAT Live Broadcast!


Our second broadcast starts this Thursday at 2:30pm…stay tuned for the Talent Show of the summer!

Week Three: Song Collaboration

Even though Media Camp is in full effect, my favorite day thus far has to be when the students got together to create songs based on their Group Agreements. The most popular idea was "No Haters" and "Step up, Step Back"..but the winner of the day was "Check Your Attitude" by De’Asia, Brandon, Jasmine and Bria…



Interactive Flash Portraits

Here are some links to student work made in Flash. Enjoy! 





Tiffany’s Interactive Collage

Click on the link below to see Tiffany’s interactive collage (made in Flash). 


Commentary from Tiffany:

In the Summer Camp, but in the Flash class, we all had the chance to make an interactive collage about ourselves depicting the things that we are interested in. Everything on my collage shows the stuff I’m into, like anime, traveling, and video games. The longest button is the guitar, so be warned! Also, the picture of me doesn’t make any noise. Thanks!

BAYCAT LIve! Today’s Broadcast at 2:30pm


Our first live webcam will air today, Thurs July 3rd at 2:30pm…topics to be announced. Goto to see the program!

Food…the melting pot

Part of the reason why I created an open space here at BAYCAT is so I can overhear what my colleagues are saying, without having to apologize for being nosy.  Let’s face it, in a work environment, how much does one really learn via office email vs. by osmosis?  Which leads me to one of my true joys of life…overhearing our students.

It’s impossible during these I-wish-it-was-hot summer days NOT to overhear singing, laughter, hoopin’ & HOLLARin’ during Digital Media Camp.  To give our students credit and every good teacher knows that in schools in a ci-tay like SF,  gone are the days of students sitting with their hands folded in a quiet classroom.  Did that ever even exist?  It gives me great inspiration to know our students are most productive in their brainstorming, teasing out of ideas, and learning when there is this buzzZZZed din in the air.  So, yesterday’s DIN was SO DYNAMIC, as one student described, “we were all HIGH on life at the same time,” (OK, imagine 19 rambunctious TEENagers HIGH on life AT THE SAME TIME! OH MY G!) Today, I decided to accept the ol’ adage, “if you can’t beat them, JOIN them!”

So, I sat with our students in our community circle at the start of the training day, and the question on the table was, “what’s your favorite food memory?”  Instantly, you saw eyes roll toward the corners of the eyebrows while the corners of the mouths turned upward into crescents or should we say croissants?!

I loved hearing about how many folks LOVE breakfast from Jasmine lovin’ pigs-in-a-blanket to Russell lovin’ French Toast. Russell eating pretend-french toast!

But we said food memory (translation to teenagers = disaster stories!)  Now how is it that when you mention food to teenagers, guaranteed you can’t get through a discussion without at least one story of someone…what’s the polite way of saying it?  RALPHIN’?!  Uhmmm…I’ll spare you those.

Shawnee described her first french toast making experience when she dropped the toast onto the burner of an electric stove where she quickly learned a lesson in the melting temperature of sugar since the grill caught on fire.  With her quick reflexes she picked up the burning french toast but like a “HOT POTATO” she dropped it on the floor.  Oh WELL. Shawnee's Self-Potrait

(Shawnee was not harmed in the handling of the toast!)

Apparently, Allen discovered when left alone to cook his favorite food, grilled cheese, the melting temperature of butter AND cheese.  He recounted that as he lifted the top of his “GF grill” the grilled cheese fixins’ had disappeared and all that was left was the butter.  Allen & Mr. Hammond love grilled cheese!Allen’s meltdown memory was Mr. Hammond’s comfort food as he described how every time he was sick, his Mom would prepare grilled cheese, tomato soup and Charlie Brown’s Halloween special.  His favorites even to this day. awwwwwww.

Needless to say, the students’ stories made me reminisce about my Mom’s dumplings a.k.a. a must-have-if-stranded-on-an-island-potstickers.  These food memories became a melting pot of sharing…either that or a warning to parents: DO NOT let your kids cook by themselves!  Oh, and did I tell you they are bringing breakfast for each other tomorrow?  Unplug the appliances please!

BAYCAT Students and Team: Thanks for including me today and for letting me share your photos & stories on the blog.

Flash Lab: First Week

This year’s Digital Media Camp at BAYCAT includes a component where students are working in digital imaging and animation software. The first project that the class is working on is a "self map." Students brainstormed to think of things that represent them…what hobbies they have, their favorite place they have visited, where they are from, what languages they speak, etc. The answers to these questions informed how they constructed a self-portrait using digital images.

During the first week of Flash Lab students learned how to use a digital camera to take a self-portrait and also how to import the file into Photoshop. Using various tools they removed the background from the original photograph. They used Google Images to search for pictures to add to their digital self-portrait collage. This is the first time many of the students have used Photoshop and Google Images and I am absolutely thrilled by their willingness to experiment with tools and techniques.

Once the students complete their Photoshop collage they will import the finished document into Flash to add interactive components. The individual elements in the collage will be converted into buttons that when pressed will play sounds.

I look forward to sharing some of their projects when they are completed so stay tuned!!