BAYCAT Interns at work during a video shooting

BAYCAT Interns Begin New Project with SFPUC

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to foster the learning of our young adult BAYCAT interns. Currently, the interns are developing a video series about the SFPUC’s robust community benefits program with focus areas on Arts and Culture, Workforce and Economic Development, Land Use and Environmental Justice, Neighborhood Revitalization and Education.

hugo-oct-2016-studion-client-editing-projectjpgThree BAYCAT interns, Jessica, Hugo, and Paul, have been selected to helm the project. Our young adults will be interviewing community members and SFPUC staff to highlight the work being done in the community.

The SFPUC has long been a partner of our internship program, helping young adults gain experience on real projects. Last year alone produced the award-winning Can’t Live a Day Without Me music video about the need to replace aging sewage infrastructure, and What About Water?, a documentary short that explores our relationship with water.

Over the next few weeks our interns will continue coordinating pre-interviews with people featured in the production. We look forward to sharing the final result!

Internship Opportunity: Apply Today

BAYCAT Internship helps grads like Elysia achieve dream jobs

The BAYCAT Studio Internship is back, and accepting applications! If you are (or know)* a young adult, ages 18-25, go online to complete a short application. Interns build skills in digital media, including filmmaking, editing, graphic arts and experience with professional sound and video equipment. Plus interns graduate with with a reel, LinkedIn page, and résumé that showcases clients like The Golden State Warriors, UCSF, and the National Park Service.

Be sure to apply or share the application asap: the program begins September 14. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until that day but there is a 30 minute interview, so we recommend applying by September 1. This PAID internship requires attendance Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:00am – 4:00pm.

This internship opportunity helps young adults like Elysia Liaw gain the tools to connect to digital media jobs, like her new, full-time position as the Studio Coordinator/Jr. Cinematographer on Sephora’s Internal Branding team. From the moment she joined BAYCAT as a workshop participant, Elysia thrived. Although she had studied Microbial Biology at University of California, Berkeley, she found that she wanted a different path in life. Elysia participated in every workshop available to her at BAYCAT, as well as snagged a spot in the highly competitive 2015 TechSF Internship cohort.

Writing to share her news, she reached out to BAYCAT’s Katie Cruz, VP of Studio & Academy, saying, “It’s incredible to be working in production everyday! I feel like I’m living the dream.” She also thanked BAYCAT Board Member Marianne Wilman for helping coach her. A professional development coach, Marianne help interns understand how to best market themselves, interview well, and set goals to help chart their careers.

*The FIRST person who gets at least 2 friends to apply for the internship wins a Target gift card! Have friends write your name and email in the “How did you hear about BAYCAT?” section, under Additional Information.

Career Spotlight: Internship Graduate Blue Bergen

Some kids want to be a cowboy or firefighter when they grow up. But usually what we end up doing professionally looks very different from what we imagined as a kid. Not so for Blue Bergen. Blue, a graduate of BAYCAT’s 2014 TechSF Pathways Internship, always had a feeling about film.

“I’ve been making videos since I was a child, and towards the end of high school I realized that I could pursue a career in what I love doing,” he said. BAYCAT was a part of making that love of being behind the camera into a career.

Now B11015597_418136601696646_895315707_nlue is creating video projects for Autodesk, a multinational software company, filming their monthly “Design Night” event, while also participating in a video internship with the company at Pier 9.

He started pursuing that dream at City College of San Francisco, but it was an unexpected moment there that helped him get his start in the industry.

“Towards the end of my last semester working in the Cinema Dept. equipment room at CCSF, a department head pointed out a flyer posted on the bulletin board. It was a flyer for the BAYCAT 2014 Pathways Internship program. I applied online and got called in for an interview!,” he said.

That turned out to be a life changing moment for the young digital media artist.

“Being a cinema major, I already had a good understanding of video gear and set protocol. However, BAYCAT helped me to greatly improve and focus my skills for professional and documentary shoots, while also providing me with guidance on professionalism, interacting with clients, and networking. They gave me a huge push in the professional world that has led to many opportunities,” he said. “Mostly it’s a ‘know someone who knows someone’ kind of deal, and without BAYCAT I wouldn’t have had a way in.”

Beside his job at Autodesk, Blue has also used the connections 10500506_10152690594414155_8354394903425744413_nBAYCAT has helped him forge to build an independent client base, and films a weekly event capture for  Calvary Presbyterian Church.

“The BAYCAT experience is definitely not over after graduation. After the internship is over, they find great job opportunities for all graduates. After I graduated, I was pleasantly surprised that they were offering me so many opportunities for videography gigs, set positions, and internships. It has been a great opportunity that has allowed me to expand my clientele and portfolio,” he said.

While his career is keeping him busy, he still makes time for the thing that started it all: movies!

“When not working on films, I love watching them! Watching movies and shows is what sparked my interest in cinema as a child, so watching is fun and gives me lots of inspiration and ideas,” he said. “But I have an equal love for the outdoors! I love to go on hikes, explore, and climb around with my friends and amazing girlfriend whenever I have the chance.”

Blue offers this advice to other young people getting started in the digital media arts: “Don’t be afraid to try, change your mind, and be willing to try different things. What you always wanted might not turn out to be right for you, and you might find pleasure in work you hadn’t considered before. Try to take on a variety of jobs before deciding on one. You could be missing out on something great,” he said. And he recommends getting into the internship if you can. “They foster a friendly environment that stimulates growth in digital media skills and professionalism. BAYCAT has helped me come a long way, and I will be forever grateful for their assistance.

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A Giant Exclusive this #OrangeOctober: BAYCAT Intern Grads Turned SFG Productions Interns! A Win-Win Combo!

We’re pumped about Orange October. You too? We thought so!

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BAYCAT grad Iman Rodney gets interviewed at AT&T Park. To learn more about Iman, check out hist story

As the Giants advance on to play for yet another National League Championship Series, we at BAYCAT want to celebrate a few of our Pathways Intern graduates who are advancing their careers in the media industry – with San Francisco Giants Productions! Introducing: Pathways Grads-to-Productions Interns Latiece Brown, Tyre Brown, and Iman Rodney…

Before getting their start with the Giants, Latiece, Tyre, and Iman honed their craft first at BAYCAT Academy and then as 2013 BAYCAT Pathways Interns. While here, the Pathways Intern grads prepared to make their mark on the media production industry, developing their artistic expertise in scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, and more. They created award-winning documentaries, helped share stories of positive community change, produced promotional videos for local small businesses, and even worked on productions for HBO and the Food Network. Now equipped with the fundamental tools they need to begin their professional careers in the media field, these talented BAYCAT grads have moved onto to the AT&T Field, and are continuing to contribute their unique skills and creative ingenuities towards telling stories that inspire, entertain, and unite. As Blake Wilberding, Video Editor/Producer at SF Giants Productions, shares:

BAYCAT, BAYCAT Academy, education, youth media, san francisco, bay view hunters point, SF Giants, SFG Productions, AT&T, filmmaking, OrangeOctober, OrangeTogether, nonprofit, social enterprise, production studio

BAYCAT grads Latiece and Tyre capture fan excitement outside AT&T Park just before Game 3 of the NLDS!

“It’s been a great partnership between BAYCAT and the Giants. With wonderful, dedicated and hard-working interns to be involved with SFG productions, it only makes our department stronger.”

If you are a want-to-be intern, or wish to learn more about our internship program, please visit our BAYCAT Academy page.

So as the SF Giants keep winning, so do our Intern Graduates at SFG Productions!  If you are working for a company that needs media or a fresh new marketing campaign, or perhaps you want to employ a media production intern of your own, contact us at  It’s a Win-Win formula!

BAYCAT 2014 TechSF Pathways Internship Showcase

JOIN US as we celebrate the graduation of our 2014 TechSF Pathways Interns!

Over the last 6 months, BAYCAT’s aspiring media producers were provided mentorship from media professionals, technical training, and an opportunity to work with BAYCAT Studio to gain hands-on experience in the digital media industry.  Our graduates are excited to share their stories, video reels and work they created while employed at BAYCAT Studio.

Among the many employers, our interns are working for Dodo Case, HBO, Netflix, The Food Network, and The SF Giants Productions.

*The showcase will be from 6:00pm-8:00pm on Friday, July 25th.  Presentation begins promptly at 6:30pm.*

Please share this invite with your colleagues, friends and potential employers looking for new potential media interns.

Light appetizers will be provided. All are welcome!

Questions? Please contact Savana Vagueiro at (415) 701-8228 x210

World Premiere Screening: “Endangered”

It’s the first of our 10-year celebrations, and BAYCAT is excited to be indoors this Saturday afternoon with you to premiere worldwide our latest Community Cinema film Endangered: A Healthy Bayview For All as part of The Roxie Theater’s Future Filmmakers Series.

Join Supervisor Malia Cohen, Bayview community leaders and our young filmmakers as we screen a series of shorts, Pictures of Bayview, stir your curiosity and start conversations about Bayview Hunters Point, one of the most misperceived neighborhoods in SF.

We’re also filming with our partners, One Day in San Francisco, to tell your untold stories about what you love, hate and fear most about living in SF as part of a nationwide, participatory media-creation event.

WHEN: THIS Saturday, April 26th promptly at 2:00pm

WHERE: The Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, SF

COST: Free. Thanks to our partners, The Metta Fund, who are sponsoring the event and healthy snacks!

RSVP and share on Facebook.  See you Saturday!

Villy Wang

BAYCAT Profiled in Metta Fund

Metta Fund is a private health foundation with a mission to improve health in the city and country of San Francisco. BAYCAT was recently interviewed and highlighed in the “Grantee Spotlight” section of their web site! See what BAYCAT CEO Villy Wang and Development Manager Brittany Janis had to say about what we do.

“Metta Fund gets the fact that the health and wellbeing of the community is more than just going to the doctor or having a clinic in the neighborhood.” —Villy Wang, President and CEO, BAYCAT

TechSF and BAYCAT on Buzzfeed

From a recent write-up on Buzzfeed:

BAYCAT interns from Buzzfeed ArticleSan Francisco is known as a high-tech city, but particularly in the low-income neighborhoods where computers and high-speed internet connections are scarce and many parents are immigrants, there isn’t the same pervasive online culture. “The digital divide has gotten worse because tech is that much more pervasive. Our young people aren’t programmed to do online searches or banking — all the little things people take for granted,” says Villy Wang of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts & Technology (BAYCAT), a job training and placement program for inner-city kids. “A lot of people think the hardware is the solution, but it’s whether they grow up with a tech culture.”

[Read full article here]

Interns Create Promo Video for TechSF

TECHSF promotional video created by BAYCAT Pathways Intern Jessica Liu.

Our Collaboration with 826 Valencia – “MILES AWAY” – A New Short Film

Coming in early 2012, MILES AWAY is the seventh short film produced by BAYCAT”s Community Cinema Program. The program employs three aspiring digital media producers from the Bay Area community each term. In addition to the three interns, the program engages youth from BAYCAT’s educational program, local actors, filmmakers, businesses, non-profits and artists to create grassroots media that allows them to share their community’s stories, and to highlight local issues.

MILES AWAY was originally written as an autobiographical short story by Julio Espinoza, a high school student at June Jordan School for Equity through 826 Valencia’s Young Author’s Book Project, then adapted into a screenplay by Bay Area poet and author Chinaka Hodge. It stars Ricardo Chang, a Bayview resident and student in our youth programs. The short is directed by longtime BAYCAT team member Ariel Dovas and former intern and current BAYCAT team member Jose Alfaro.

When a single mother originally from Guatemala (Lucia) moves her teenage son (Julio) from San Francisco across the Bay to Richmond, he has a hard time adapting to his new environment. He sits alone in his room, refusing to unpack, drawing pictures of the things he left behind. But when he realizes that the trinkets his mother has placed around the house were made by her family long ago in Guatemala, Julio begins to see the bigger legacy of their migration.

 Through animation, beautiful cinematography and original music, we get a glimpse of a mother and her son unpacking their differences and discovering a new home together.

Check out the Miles Away teaser below or on our Community Cinema Vimeo page.