BAYCAT’s on a Roll: Official Selections & Motion Graphics Workshop at the BAYMN Film Fest!

BAYCAT Academy’s Youth Media Producers have gotten yet another two films officially selected for festival showcasing! On the heels of Alia’s success with her moving autobiographical short, The Beach: My Diary, both Ginger Chen’s The Perfect Mayor and Amaya Thomas and Demaire Hughes’ History of the Dogpatch have been chosen amongst films from across the globe to be featured at this year’s Bay Area Youth Media Network (BAYMN) Film Festival.

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BAYCAT Academy’s Fall 2013 Youth Media Producers imagine the perfect San Francisco mayor.

The Perfect Mayor, a collaborative piece created by writer-director Ginger Chen, cinematographer AJ Martin, art directors Stella Gutierrez and Miguel Rivera, and editor/star Maceo “Moony” Mayorga, is a fun exploration of who the perfect San Francisco mayor would be, if he or she could embody every ideal of his constituents. He speaks Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, and Samoan! He represents districts from the Haight to the Sunset! He’s gender-fluid and he supports nonprofit organizations! He maybe twerks!

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BAYCAT Academy’s Fall 2013 Youth Media Producers invent an alternative history for the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.



Miguel Rivera also narrates BAYCAT’s second officially selected film, the Amaya Thomas and Demaire Hughes animated short, History of the Dogpatch. The young storytellers imagine an alternative history of the Bay Area’s Dogpatch neighborhood, when butchers ran meat banks and lawbreaking pups kept eating their currency.

The BAYMN Festival will be screening these shorts on Saturday, October 18th at 2:30pm at the San Francisco Public Library.

In addition, every year the BAYMN Film Fest offers workshops to empower youth communities to create media that inspires social change. This year, BAYCAT’s resident filmmaking teacher, Zara Ahmed, will be giving a free motion graphics workshop this Saturday, October 18, from 12 to 2pm at the SF Public Library.  


Want to check out more of our festival-selected films? Head over to our BAYCAT YouTube page!


World Premiere Screening: “Endangered”

It’s the first of our 10-year celebrations, and BAYCAT is excited to be indoors this Saturday afternoon with you to premiere worldwide our latest Community Cinema film Endangered: A Healthy Bayview For All as part of The Roxie Theater’s Future Filmmakers Series.

Join Supervisor Malia Cohen, Bayview community leaders and our young filmmakers as we screen a series of shorts, Pictures of Bayview, stir your curiosity and start conversations about Bayview Hunters Point, one of the most misperceived neighborhoods in SF.

We’re also filming with our partners, One Day in San Francisco, to tell your untold stories about what you love, hate and fear most about living in SF as part of a nationwide, participatory media-creation event.

WHEN: THIS Saturday, April 26th promptly at 2:00pm

WHERE: The Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, SF

COST: Free. Thanks to our partners, The Metta Fund, who are sponsoring the event and healthy snacks!

RSVP and share on Facebook.  See you Saturday!

Villy Wang

Zoom In 28: My Neighborhood

The latest episode of our long-running student TV show Zoom In is complete and online! Watch the full episode below.

BAYCAT Animated Shorts at Second Annual ASIFA-SF Spring Show

Second Annual ASIFA-SF Spring Show | Sunday, June 23, 1:30pmThis June the San Francisco chapter of ASIFA, the International Animated Film Association, is hosting a showcase of animated shorts that will include eight short films by BAYCAT students and staff. Please join us for a free afternoon of films and fun!

BAYCAT-produced films that will be included in the program are:

Sea Monster Dance Party
By Mrs. Harrington’s 4th Grade Class, Dianne Feinstein Elementary School

Deathly Day
By Rachel Purvis

A Day in the Life of a Sidekick
By Alex Lu

Angry Birds Hospital
By Arshad Muhammad

A Day in the Circus
Animated by Alex Lu, Gwydion Brain, Arshad Muhammad, Rachel Purvis
Narrated by John Trautwein
Sound by Ezra Lux, Leonard Zeng

Ghost Inc.
By Gwydion Brain

Ridiculous Candidates
By Jocelyn Alvarado

Inner Demons


Date: Sunday, June 23rd
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Place: Randall Museum, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114

Admission and parking are FREE!

Zoom In #26: A Day in the Life

The latest episode of our long-running student TV show Zoom In is complete and online! Watch the full episode below.

Animated Shorts for Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 Animation crew didn’t disappoint with their contributions to Zoom In #26: A Day in the Life. Check out all five animated shorts below, including a collaboration with the documentary film class recalling the true story of BAYCAT instructor John Trautwein’s experience as a circus performer.

“Angry Birds Hospital” by Arshad Muhammad

“Deathly Day” by Rachel Purvis

“Ghost Inc.” by Gwydion Brain

“A Day in the Life of a Sidekick” by Alex Lu

“A Day in the Circus”

by the Spring 2013 Youth Media Producers

BTOP Vlog: Spring Program Update

The BAYCAT instructors talk about the progress of the students work in the spring youth program. Created for San Francisco’s Broadband Technology Opportunity Program.

“Inner Demons” Short

The BAYCAT team recently had a lot of fun creating this short film. Enjoy!

BAYCAT Academy Animation Class is GO!

Kicking off the Spring 2013 term of BAYCAT Academy’s Youth Animation Class are these clips from week 1.

Watch “Zoom In #25: Election Year!”

Thanks to everyone who attended our Fall 2012 Open House last Thursday! If you missed the show (or would like to see it again) the latest episode of our student-produced TV show “Zoom In” is now available to watch online. Enjoy!