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Youth Media Film Festival Coordinator

Each term, BAYCAT youth media producers create high-quality content that goes on to screen at film festivals around the nation and the world. BAYCAT Productions is seeking an enthusiastic and organized volunteer Youth Media Film Festival Coordinator to support the education team. The coordinator will work closely with the BAYCAT program team to submit youth-produced media to various film festivals […]

BAYCAT Academy: Film, Music Production, & Graphic Arts Teaching Assistants

BAYCAT is seeking energetic, creative and resourceful Teaching Assistants to be part of our education team for the BAYCAT Academy. The ideal candidate is someone with some knowledge of media practices (video, music, graphic arts) who would like to broaden their production and teaching experience by assisting in our media arts classes. This is a […]

The Beach: My Diary – Officially Selected For Two Film Festivals!

BAYCAT is proud to announce that Youth Media Producer Alia Gabrielle has garnered two official film festival selections for her short autobiographical documentary, The Beach: My Diary. Alia’s film will be screening at the I Hella Love Shorts Film Festival later this month, an Oakland-based festival celebrating its second year exhibiting the work of talented San […]

Zoom In 31: State of Our Minds!
Got any media or stories to share?

Crazy. Isolated. Dependent. Happiness. Depression. Self-esteem. Stress. Needs to be addressed. How can we help. These are some of the words and phrases that came to mind when BAYCAT ACADEMY’s latest cohort of youth film and music producers were asked to respond to the question, “What does mental health mean to you?” The youth media producers brainstormed ideas […]

FREE Young Adult Workshops at BAYCAT!

If you are between the ages of 18-25, sign-up for our FREE Young Adult Digital Media Workshops in: • Digital Photography • Introduction to Photoshop • Filmmaking with DSLR Cameras • Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro For more information, email us at workshops@baycat.org

Documentary Filmmaking: Street Art

This past Tuesday, three of our students, Saleen, Stella, and Ginger got the privilege of interviewing Sirron Norris, a prominent Bay Area artist and educator. The girls’ documentary is on how street art shapes San Francisco culture, and once Sirron heard about the project he was more than happy to let us interview him at […]

Zoom In 24 Sneak Peek!!!

What can you find only in SF? Our awesome BAYCAT Youth Media Producers! Here is a sneak peek into Zoom In 24: Only in SF, premiering at the BAYCAT Open House on July 26th. The song was produced by the music production class, filmed by our intern Jayraj, and features the youth and the art […]

Commercials for the Dogpatch Cafe

The documentary youth split into 2 groups to practice their new camera skills at the Dogpatch Cafe. They made two commercials, one targeted for youth, and the second for adults… pretty sweet!!!

The BAYCAT Scavenger Hunt

This was the first time the documentary youth used the cameras! This first part of this video was shot on the HDV and T2I DSLR camera, and they learned how sets and crew work during the exercise. The second part was shot on a flip camera – everyone was given a list of images and […]