Carrying On The Message of Every 28 Hours

The live productions of Every 28 Hours have wrapped…but, the issues of racial justice and implicit bias are far from resolved. BAYCAT partnered with Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the American Conservatory Theatre to film three productions that take a hard look at why the #blacklivesmatter movement came to be and how the reasons for it are affecting people in our communities. 75 one-minute plays were created and performed by artists across the nation. The series was inspired by the widely circulated and contested statistic that every 28 hours a black person is killed in the US by a vigilante, security guard or police officer.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-10-48-23-amOne of the core principles of the show was that tickets remained free of charge to grant access to everyone who wanted to attend. All performances were followed by a Q & A with the cast. Because these performances were held in venues for mature audiences, and because the issue is so wide-scale, our cohort felt it was imperative to film the series so that it could reach as many eyes and ears as possible through the digital media BAYCAT is known for producing.

The pieces are meant to be watched in order and include, Life by Numbers, When the Bullets Strike, and Unknown Thousands. Together, we can give witness, voice and healing to the injustices in our nation.