Media Classes Are Back in Session!

Fall Academy

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BAYCAT students are back in the house! Class sessions have started at BAYCAT, with two new instructors heading up our documentary and graphics art tracks this semester. Media Producer and Mentor, Carla Orendorff, will lead the documentary film classes for beginning and advanced students along with Graphic Arts Instructor, Amber Yada. Fun fact: Amber is actually a returning instructor, first working with BAYCAT youth 2009-2010, before leaving to start a family. We’re happy to have her back!

Students are hard at work learning about DSLR cameras and lenses, critically thinking about media and message, plus brainstorming around this semester’s theme: Media Representation Matters. BAYCAT youth are already diving into developing their ideas for the kind of digital media projects they want to create, and we can’t wait to see their visions on the big screen.

Not to be outdone, BAYCAT’s Studio Internship is also back in session, starting in mid-September, with a new cohort made up of 10 young adults (6 women, 4 men). For 14 weeks, they are being coached, trained, and mentored by our professional BAYCAT Studio staff and fantastic volunteer mentors. Internship-specific partnerships with the SF Public Utilities Commission will provide opportunities for our interns to create video shorts to benefit the community.

Interesting fact: We took a baseline survey with our current intern cohort, and found that while 60% have a bachelor’s degree, less than 50% feel that they are ready to work in the media industry today. We’re going to catapult that number towards 100% by the end of our time together!

If you’re as inspired by our work as we are, contact us to find out how you can volunteer, donate or hire our studio!