This Semester the BAYCAT Youth Ask “Is This Justice?”

Fall Class Looks at Youth Incarceration

BAYCAT youth are back in house and ready to jump into one of the biggest issues affecting young people today: juvenile justice and incarceration. A brother, a cousin, a nephew, a friend. Most of of us have been touched in some way by the justice system. California ranks 11th in the nation for its high youth incarceration rate, and 20% of those at San Francisco Juvenile Hall come from Bayview Hunters Point.

For Zoom In: Episode 34 – Is This Justice? our youth media producers are creating short documentaries, music, music videos, and animations that examine efforts to stop incarceration before it starts. Additionally, they will explore themes such as law enforcement, people making changes in the community, and perspectives from behind bars.

This semester, BAYCAT is excited to partner with Each One Reach One (EORO), a nonprofit who advocates for juvenile justice. Together we’re creating an opportunity for BAYCAT youth media producers to deeply explore the complex topic of youth incarceration from a peer perspective, while creating a lasting resource to share with others in the community.

Our young graphic artists will work with EORO to transform stage plays, written by incarcerated youth as part of their Playwright Program, into impactful animated shorts to reach a broader audience.

We cannot wait to see how the BAYCAT youth use their art to unravel this difficult subject that hits close to home for many of us.