Youth Media Film Festival Coordinator

Each term, BAYCAT youth media producers create high-quality content that goes on to screen at film festivals around the nation and the world. BAYCAT Productions is seeking an enthusiastic and organized volunteer Youth Media Film Festival Coordinator to support the education team. The coordinator will work closely with the BAYCAT program team to submit youth-produced media to various film festivals around the Bay Area and beyond.


  • Research film festivals that align with our content & mission
  • Submitting & coordination film festival submissions
  • Burning DVDs and uploading media to Dropbox
  • Managing film festival deadlines
  • Coordination with BAYCAT youth & families
  • Attend film festivals as a BAYCAT representative (optional)




  • 4-6 hours / week
  • 3 month commitment or longer
  • Able to work from home or from BAYCAT’s Office (must be able to meet at BAYCAT once a month)

We can often provide internship credit through schools (inform us during the application process).

If interested, fill out an application and you should hear from us within a week.