Kids Touch the Future at Obscura Digital

Digital projections and touch screen technology dazzle BAYCAT youth during tour

How often to kids get to go to a real workplace that causes youth to compare it to something out of a Batman movie? The latest BAYCAT field trip took the youth to meet the people at Obscura Digital, tour their facility, and hear about they work they do. (They “provide life-size creative technology platforms for built environments, live events, and new ventures.” This basically means they do amazing digital projections, like the recent art installation projecting endangered animals on the the Empire State Building in New York City.)

IMG_8866During the community circle, where youth get to discuss the experience, kids threw out all kinds of answers.

“The pictures were flawless…”

“It looks like Wayne Enterprises…”

“They get to travel the world…”

The company has offices in San Francisco, New York, and Stockholm, with the SF branch being located just down the street in the Dogpatch neighborhood. The office space is just as impressive as the immersion experiencesIMG_8856 they create, featuring interactive walls, a pool table that can give balls the illusion of flames them in motion, and other neat tricks for the eye.

“I liked that it was interactive,” said Lucrezia Berry, age 14. “The touch screen was awesome.”

Although the tech is impressive, no one is above being a little star struck.

“I like that they work with celebrities,” said Ze’Vonte Hamilton, age 15, mentioning some work the company is doing for Jay Z.

This tour is a favorite among a summer filled with exposure to different paths the youth can  take in digital media.

“Sometimes when you think you’re doing someone a favor, it ends up they did you a favor instead. How energizing it was for our whole team to see our work through the eyes of smart and inquisitive BAYCAT kids!” said Kimber Sterling, Vice President of Client Services at Obscura Digital, who helped arrange the tour.