Creating the pathway from education to employment in digital media: one story at the time.

On our new website, we feature stories of some of our young people sharing their experience in learning and working at BAYCAT. It’s a way to tell you how we create a pathway, from education to employment in digital media.

Every week for the next few weeks, we will unveil new videos. Today, we want to share Miguel’s story and how he finds a second home at BAYCAT. A place that helps him stay out of trouble and to learn how to make cool media.

You can also check out, Lamar’s story, another youth media producer, who’s been attending the BAYCAT ACADEMY for 4 years. Lamar likes to draw. At school, and while waiting for the bus. He needed to find a place that would help him to express his creativity. “You will figure out your future, if you come to BAYCAT.”

Finally, you can also learn about Liz’s story. How she left Nicaragua to follow her dream to work in the filmmaking industry. Her dream has come true at BAYCAT. She is employed full time as a Production Coordinator in San Francisco.

As you watch their stories, are you reminded of a creative young person who could benefit from our free media education programs at BAYCAT?  or does it remind you of your own story and the importance of having an innovative environment and a mentor in your life to show you the way? Tell us what how these stories move you.  Share them with your friends.