BAYCAT with The San Francisco Foundation Artistic Hub Organizations

It’s a real honor to be part of a cohort of some of the most respected artistic hubs of the Bay Area! We had a great discussion with Maria Rosario Jackson about the trends she has seen and written about arts, culture and social justice at the national level. Though these topics naturally go together in our everyday worlds as an arts nonprofit in the Bay, it seems there is a trend at a national level to infuse placemaking, new urbanism, various medical research and even transportation as part of this sector’s work.

It was clear from our dialogue that most organizations do so much more than what their descriptions or missions reflect, and that each Executive Director’s impact goes far beyond their typical job descriptions. So what does this all mean?

It truly does take people with great resiliency to stay on the roller coaster ride of running a nonprofit, and funders like The San Francisco Foundation create the safety bars and connectors between our carts. They gave us something we never get to do: time and space to rise above the details and with hands raised together as a cohort, to look toward the future.

#Selfie includes:  Steven Jones from Lorraine Hansberry Theatre;  Madeleine Lim from QWOCMAP; Cristy Johnston-Limon from Destiny Arts; Tere Romo from The San Francisco Foundation; Tomiko Wong from Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Our cohort also includes: Ani Rivera from Galeria de la Raza; Elena Serrano from EastSide Arts Alliance; Eugene Rodriguez from Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy; James Kass from Youth Speaks, Janette Gitler from Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet ; Jordan Simmons from East Bay Center for Performing Arts; Kristen Sbrogna from La Pena;  Latanya Tigner from Dimensions Dance Theater, Linda Harrison from MOAD, Mabel Teng from Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco.