BAYCAT story update in SF Appeal

Crystal Sykes of the online newspaper SF Appeal recently wrote a wonderful write-up of our Summer Open House and ongoing campaign:

With tables full of snacks, walls crowded with inspirational graphics and the echoes of laugher and cheers all around, it was clear that the Creative Room of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Center for Arts and Technology(BAYCAT) offices were overflowing with parents, friends and local community members to celebrate the work made by the local Bayview youth at the summer premiere of the newest installment of ‘Zoom-In’.The show, hosted by two BAYCAT Youth Media Producers, was filled with excitement and joy, a far departure from the heartache of having nearly $50,000 worth of equipment stolen from the non-profit’s office just two weeks prior.

“We had a rough summer,” says Brittany Janis, the organization’s development manager, to the audience. “But no matter how rough it got, BAYCAT overcame it.”

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