Documentary Filmmaking: Street Art

This past Tuesday, three of our students, Saleen, Stella, and Ginger got the privilege of interviewing Sirron Norris, a prominent Bay Area artist and educator. The girls’ documentary is on how street art shapes San Francisco culture, and once Sirron heard about the project he was more than happy to let us interview him at his studio on 26th and Valencia.

Sirron showed us some of his own work and also gave us some amazing perspective on how lucky we are to live and thrive in San Francisco. He explained how he experienced a lot of racism growing up in Ohio and was drawn to San Francisco because he knew his differences would be celebrated here.

After we left his studio, we shot some b-roll of a mural he painted at Balmy Alley.

It was an awesome shoot and “Painting SF”, the documentary will premiere at our open house here at BAYCAT on Thursday July 26th!