Flash Lab: First Week

This year’s Digital Media Camp at BAYCAT includes a component where students are working in digital imaging and animation software. The first project that the class is working on is a "self map." Students brainstormed to think of things that represent them…what hobbies they have, their favorite place they have visited, where they are from, what languages they speak, etc. The answers to these questions informed how they constructed a self-portrait using digital images.

During the first week of Flash Lab students learned how to use a digital camera to take a self-portrait and also how to import the file into Photoshop. Using various tools they removed the background from the original photograph. They used Google Images to search for pictures to add to their digital self-portrait collage. This is the first time many of the students have used Photoshop and Google Images and I am absolutely thrilled by their willingness to experiment with tools and techniques.

Once the students complete their Photoshop collage they will import the finished document into Flash to add interactive components. The individual elements in the collage will be converted into buttons that when pressed will play sounds.

I look forward to sharing some of their projects when they are completed so stay tuned!!