Week One Wrap Up: Media Camp

Students in Digital Media Camp

The first week of our Digital Media Camp went off like a 4th of July firecracker…pow! The 18 or more students who signed up were energetic and ready for the challenge of Orientation Week. We started planning this week for awhile and we wanted the students to understand the philosophy behind BAYCAT as well as build their skills in communication and team building.


So the first thing we did was have them create a list of Group Agreements which they got excited about (some examples were "No Haters", "Ego Check" and "Do Try) and then we posted them on a huge sheet of paper which went on our wall.


 At the end of the week the students also got to reflect on some of the activities that worked or didn’t work and also what they would like to see more of. We also talked about the upcoming schedule and their projects. I am excited about the crew and can’t wait to see what we create this summer!