Want just the highlights from our Zoom In: Episode 36 – The Media Effect premiere? (Although we recommend the whole show!)

Check out this short guide to our favorite moments:

Opening Moments

Youth media producer Phil’s film Walk Out, Wake Up(04:57) 

Founder & CEO Villy’s welcome – (07:34)

Student Films

The Media Effect intro + meet the artists – (21:56)

Statement of Truth(23:47) 

Virtual Reality: A Tech Uprising(30:47) 

Seen Not Heard(37:01) 

End credits – (43:27) 

Direct from the Filmmakers

Teachers take a bow – (45:19)

Youth Media Producers share their roles – (50:35)

Student Q&A – (53:31)

Audience question: Can You explain your process? – (54:34)

Audience question: How has making the film affected your everyday life? – (01:03:01)

Audience question: Would you guys recommend this program to other peers? – (01:06:30)

Villy on the importance of youth media: “This is why we’re here.” – (01:12:24)

Youth Moments:  

D’Arion: “(The film) gave me a little bit of hope on my dream of becoming a filmmaker.”

Phil: “The thing I like about BAYCAT is that we have an idea we want to get across and that they give us the opportunity, tools and strengthen us to make things happen.”

On filming the City-wide student protests following the presidential election: “It was scary.”

BAYCAT youth share their media around one of the biggest issues affecting young people today: juvenile justice and incarceration.

Don’t have time for the full show? Watch just the highlights from our Zoom In: Episode 33 – Me, Myself, & I premiere!

Check out this short guide to our favorite moments:

Youth Moments

Summer Trailer – (00:04)

“We’re learning what professionals are doing” – Lucrezia, age 14 – (10:28)

Fresh Coastin’ in the Bay – (11:32)

BAYCAT CEO Villy interviews the Hosts – (18:07)

BAYCAT on BAYCAT – (25:11) An intern-produced short on what the youth think about BAYCAT

Meet the Artists Behind Zoom In(01:03:31)

Q&A – What are you proud of? – (1:11:26)

Q&A – What aspirations do you have? – (1:18:13)

“Without him I would still know nothing” – Jevani, age 13 – (1:19:10)

“I’ve always been interested in art, but I never thought I could do it as a career someday” – Phil, age 14 – (1:24:48)

“This is such a special experience for me” -Lucrezia, age 14 – (1:28:05)


Community Moments

Helping youth see their possibilities – (21:37)

Creating the Pathway – (28:47)

How you can make a difference – (30:12)

Parent Comment – The impact of BAYCAT – (1:14:50)

“You can be anything you want” – Villy Wang – (1:25:37)

Benefits of the partnership between Super Bowl’s 50 Fund and BAYCAT STUDIO – (4:44)

ZomIn33ZSpace (9 of 1) ZomIn33ZSpace (15 of 1) ZomIn33ZSpace (17 of 1)

Want to catch just the highlights from our Zoom In: Episode 32 – The Future Today premiere? 

Check out this handy cheat sheet to skip ahead to the best bits of our evening:

Youth Moments

What BAYCAT youth love about their teachers: 25:34

Youth take bow for their work individually: 1:11:14

How the BAYCAT youth taught each other/learned from teachers: 1:19:40

Younger music student thanks advanced student Isaiah: 1:21:24

Youth Honor their Teachers: 1:22:52

Music instructor Jason speaks about why this term is special: 1:35:56

Jason on peer to peer learning: 1:36:30

Community Moments

How you can support our educators: 34:30

BAYCAT CEO Villy on the importance of teachers: 30:00

SFPUC presents the Sewer Rap: 11:25

Warriors Rep in the house: 18:47

IMG_0233 IMG_4754 IMG_8068

December 4, 2014 – Recording of World Premiere of Zoom In: Episode 31 – State of Our Minds at BAYCAT HQ, San Francisco.