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We believe that everyone’s story matters. It’s part of our DNA.

BAYCAT PRODUCTIONS produces and distributes entertaining, purpose-minded stories. We create videos that inspire conversation and positive transformations in our communities. We give a voice to the unheard and tell stories that can transform communities and ultimately change the world.

Our award-winning films

Short films by BAYCAT PRODUCTIONS have appeared in more than 30 film festivals and entertained audiences around the globe. Below are some examples of our work. See More

“Miles Away”

Julio struggles with moving away from his childhood home. Filmed in collaboration with 826 Valencia’s Young Authors Book Project.


Residents fight to create a safe, healthy environment in Bayview Hunter’s Point. Change is happening, slowly but surely, as shown by the reappearance of a federally endangered bird.

“Potrero Hill: In Focus”

Dive into the past and the present of the Potrero Terrace public housing units as residents face the uncertainty (and hope) of a new beginning.

“Picture Bayview”

Fill in the blank: “My dream for Bayview Hunter’s Point is.…” In one case, that dream is answered in dance.

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We want to tell untold stories. Stories that can change perceptions and transform communities. Any ideas? We want to hear from you!