Through project-based learning and access to the latest digital technology,

    BAYCAT ACADEMY students are able to learn professional media applications while discovering their innate artistic abilities.

  • Free classes in filmmaking and digital media

    By encouraging students to collaborate with each other, their families, and the world around them, we strive to build a community enriched by the experience of creative expression.

Youth Media Classes

For ages 11 – 17

BAYCAT youth media classes are a hands on experience for kids ages 11-17 to explore and create digital media. All students will collaborate on an episode of BAYCAT’s long-running youth-produced show “Zoom In,” but students will work within educational tracks to specialize in an area that interests them.

BAYCAT Academy Young Adult Programs

Young Adult Internships & Workshops

For ages 18 – 25

BAYCAT internships provide technical training for aspiring media producers and an opportunity to work with our partners at BAYCAT STUDIO to gain hands-on experience in the digital media industry.

BAYCAT Academy: Workshop on Wheels

Workshops on Wheels

For schools and community organizations

BAYCAT Educational Workshops are hands-on training that enable the participants of local schools, nonprofits and organizations to effectively and immediately integrate digital media into their programming and communication efforts.