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Winter/Spring Classes Begin February 13th

Film Production and Graphic Arts & Animation

Session Dates

February 13th – May 4th


Mondays & Wednesday or Tuesdays & Thursdays


4:30 – 6:30

Youth Media Classes

Ages 11 – 17 Years

Imagine yourself directing a music video, recording beats, or shooting a documentary. Now stop imagining and make it happen.

At BAYCAT ACADEMY,  dreams can come true. You’ll be in a class with other creative kids and super cool instructors who are real pros.

Together, we’ll create an episode of BAYCAT’s long-running TV show Zoom In, and you’ll  choose an area of interest to specialize in — using the latest in digital technology.

And it’s free!

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What Track Will You Take?

Documentary Filmmaking

You will learn the fundamentals of documentary theory and criticism and the basics of filmmaking techniques. By working on various projects, you will learn how to conduct interviews, work with DLSR cameras & lighting, and editing in Premiere Pro.
Music Production

You will learn to make beats, record sound and vocals, and digitally edit audio tracks. The class will cover musical arrangement, songwriting, and production in ProTools.
Music Video Production

You will learn the history and theory of music videos and will work on a series of music videos, while mastering the skills of cinematography, lighting, art direction, editing and more.
Graphic Arts

You will learn the basics of graphic arts using Adobe software, and will build up to design and create special effects and motion graphics in collaboration with the filmmaking students.
Motion Graphics

You will learn the basics of motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, and will build up to design and create and graphics and title sequences in collaboration with the filmmaking students.

What Youth Media Producers Say

What Parents Say

Being in BAYCAT has been a wonderful experience for James. His dad and I appreciate the exposure James has gotten to the latest techniques and applications in film and music making. Also the variety of field trips he’s taken with BAYCAT really broadens his perspective and makes learning fun. He gets along well with the other students, and his teachers are knowledgeable, inspiring and enthusiastic about what you all do.

Linda Parker Pennington, James’ Mom

An example of James’ work from Zoom In 27: Our Digital City

Meet Your Instructors and Mentors

Taking a class at BAYCAT Academy is a great way to learn new and useful skills but it’s also FUN. We have our talented instructors to thank for that. You will learn from experienced digital media professionals with a passion for training the next generation.

Here they are:

<p style="text-align: center;">Carla Orendorff</p>

Carla Orendorff

Film Instructor & Youth Mentor

Carla is an artist, educator, and documentary filmmaker who weaves her passion for storytelling with her commitment to the transformation of everyday life in the city. Growing up in Los Angeles, she was inspired by the stories of her grandmother who quietly grew gardens from concrete cracks of industrial rivers with her hands. She has taught filmmaking classes with hundreds of young people in collaboration with organizations throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

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