Empower Youth. Transform Communities. One Story at a Time.

BAYCAT is a non profit social enterprise that educates, empowers and employs San Francisco underserved youth in digital media

BAYCAT ACADEMY is an internationally-acclaimed media arts school. We provide free digital media education to underserved youth, ages 11-17 and young adults, ages 18-24, and create a pathway toward employment.

We employ our graduates at BAYCAT STUDIO, where they partner with professionals to create engaging marketing and media materials for socially-minded organizations.

At BAYCAT PRODUCTIONS, we produce award-winning short films, so our young media producers can share their stories and positively transform their communities.

Our Goal:

create 1,000 digital media pros in the next 10 years

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10 Years of Impact: BAYCAT by Numbers



BAYCAT Academy has educated more than 3,000 underserved kids in digital media and arts.



BAYCAT Studio has employed more than 125 young adults as interns.



BAYCAT Studio has produced more than 350 video projects and digital campaigns for socially-minded organizations.


Film Festivals

BAYCAT Productions has produced award-winning and change-making short films, entertaining audiences at film festivals around the world.

10 Years of Impact: BAYCAT by Stories


Liz left Nicaragua to follow her dream: to work in the filmmaking industry. Her dream has come true at BAYCAT. She is employed full-time as a Production Coordinator in San Francisco.


Brennan wanted to become a filmmaker. At BAYCAT, he not only learned that, he also learned how to be an entrepreneur and opened his own production company, Four Times Films.  He was hired by Strike Anywhere Films & Barry Jenkins to help produce Facebook’s 10 Year Birthday Video.


Iman Rodney grew up and still lives in Bayview Hunters Point. At BAYCAT, he found his passion for filmmaking when he was 13.  Overcoming the odds of young boys like him, 7+ years later, as a young adult and graduate of BAYCAT’s Pathways Internship Program, he has landed his dream job.


Lamar likes to draw. At school, and while waiting for the bus. He needed to find a place that would help him to express his creativity. “You will figure out your future, if you come to BAYCAT.”


Stella used to spend a lot of time watching shows on TV. Now she spends her time making them. She wants to share her story to help other teenagers.


Miguel finds a second home at BAYCAT. It’s place that helps him stay out of trouble and to learn how to make cool media.

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